arts for all.

Join Us As We

Open Doors. Open Hearts.

Open Arts.

Equity and inclusion in the arts are essential for a fair and just society. We will Open Doors to arts experiences, Open Hearts to create a more inclusive world, and

open arts for all!

We’re working on piloting our programs and would love your support. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, please complete our interest form so we can stay in touch. Thank you for helping us open the arts to all.

Pre-Launch Support/Interest

Let us know more about you and how you would like to support Open Arts United.

Open Doors.

Open Hearts.

Open Arts.

open for all

Why Open Arts

Watch our mission video to understand the need to for an organization focused on ensuring that the arts are available to all and that artists of all backgrounds are given the platform to share their gifts. 


Open Arts United will partner with you to bring arts experiences to your organization. We'll even help you raise funds to support arts programming.


Want to reach a more diverse audience? Want to help everyone benefit from transformative arts experiences? We'll partner with you to make it happen.


Help make open arts a realitly in communities across the country. We'll partner with you to support diverse open arts experiences.


It takes everyone's support to open the arts for all. Individuals can make a big difference too.


Whether you’re an individual who is passionate about the arts, an arts organization looking to expand your reach, an artist, or an organization looking to add arts experiences to your programs, there’s a way that you can join Open Arts United to create positive change.