We Are Open Arts United

Our Mission

We will…connect diverse and underrepresented communities with transformative arts experiences, fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and cultural enrichment.

We believe…that the arts should be open for all, with open doors, open hearts, and open arts, ensuring equal access and opportunities for everyone to engage in and benefit from artistic expression.

We partner…with organizations that strive to create a more equitable and inclusive society, where the arts serve as a catalyst for positive social change, personal growth, and community building.

Together…we open minds, ignite creativity, and celebrate the rich diversity of human expression.

open for all


Open Arts United values and embraces diversity in all its forms. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment that connects individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and perspectives through shared experiences.


We believe in promoting fairness and equal opportunities for all. Open Arts United strives to address systemic barriers and work towards a more equitable arts landscape, ensuring that everyone has access to arts and experiences and cultural resources.


We recognize the power of collaboration and the strength that comes from working together. Open Arts United values partnerships and fosters collaborations among arts organizations, nonprofit organizations, and diverse communities to maximize our collective impact.


We are dedicated to breaking down barriers to arts participation. Open Arts United seeks to make arts experiences accessible to all individuals, regardless of socioeconomic status, geographic location, or physical and cognitive abilities.

Social Impact

We will harness the potential of the arts to address social issues, promote dialogue, and contribute to the well-being and resilience of communities by providing a platform for diverse artists and organizations to share their creative talents with new audiences.

Lifelong Learning

We believe in the lifelong benefits of arts education and continuous learning. Open Arts United promotes arts education initiatives that nurture creativity, critical thinking, and personal development for individuals of all ages.

Our Values

Our values drive us and keep us focused. These principles will guide our actions, decisions, and behaviors as we work toward our mission. When you support Open Arts United, you are helping us share these values  and make our mission a reality. 

How We Work

Open Doors

Today, many under-represented communities have limited access to impactful arts experiences. We will strive to remove barriers keeping these communities out and open doors to anyone that wants to experience the arts.

Open Hearts

Experiencing the arts can promote belonging and respect for different perspectives. We will partner with arts organizations and inclusive charitable organizations to make impactful and educational arts experiences available to all.

Open Arts

Open Arts United will connect organizations and create a platform to raise funds to support open arts experiences.

Our Board of Directors

Howard Brodksy

Howard Brodsky

Founder & Chairman
CCA Global Partners

Howard Brodsky

Founder & Chairman, CCA Global Partners

Howard Brodsky is a world leader of co-operatives and a prolific American entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Chairman of CCA Global Partners, one of the largest Cooperatives in the United States with sales of over $10 billion. CCA Global Partners services 20,000 childcare centers, 2,000 nonprofits, and over l,000,000 independent family businesses.

Jada Hebra

Jada Hebra

SVP & Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Southern, NH University

Jada Hebra

SVP & Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Southern NH University

In 2016, Hebra became the first senior vice president and chief diversity & inclusion officer at Southern NH University. Prior to SNHU, Hebra spent 25 years in the private secondary school sector designing and supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives while serving in leadership roles such as humanities teacher, associate dean of students, director of college advising, director of admission, dean of faculty, and assistant head of school.

Kristen Moy

Kristen Moy

Senior Fellow
The Aspen Institute

Kristen Moy

Senior Fellow, the Aspen Institute

Kirsten S. Moy is a practitioner member of the Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation at Waterloo University as well as a long-time Senior Fellow with the Aspen Institute. Her current research focuses on complexity science and its application to community development.

Jada Hebra

Theo Martey

Artist & Music Producer

Theo Martey

Artist and Music Producer

Theo Nii Martey (also produces music as Emperor T-Jiga) is a talented artist who was born and raised in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. Theo is a Drummer, Dancer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer, Performer, Teaching Artist, and Award recipient of the 2019 Governor’s Arts Award for Arts Education, and he was featured on New Hampshire Magazine who’s it for 2019 It List.

Tricia Soule

Tricia Soule

Development & Communications Consultant

Tricia Soule

Development & Communications Consultant

As a longtime arts advocate, collaborative entrepreneur, and development professional, Tricia Soule has worked in the creative sector for more than twenty years. Once a gallery owner and art consultant, she represented 40+ regional artists and started a corporate art rental program. She is currently the executive director of the NH Business Committee for the Arts.